Daily Dawg Tags: Jared Goff and hand size


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Friday, Feb. 26.

Cleveland Browns:

Should Jared Goff’s hand size be an issue?

"Jared Goff’s hands may be smaller than ideal for an NFL quarterback. Should that scare off the Cleveland Browns?"

Josh Gordon will be welcomed back by the Browns

"The Cleveland Browns will welcome back wide receiver Josh Gordon if he is reinstated, but the team will hold him accountable once he returns."

Cleveland Browns 2016 mock draft version 2.0

"The 2016 NFL Draft is 64 days away and with the NFL Scouting Combine taking place this week it is a prime opportunity to look at who the Cleveland Browns may go after with all seven of the team’s picks."

A quick note on the Browns’ carry over cap space (DBN)

"We have discussed the fact that the Cleveland Browns were projected to carry over $20.73 million in cap space. Today, the NFLPA officially confirmed that amount with this awesome infographic that illustrates how much each team in the NFL carried over from the 2015 league year to the 2016 league year."

Jared Goff, Carson Wentz sell themselves as QBs who could lead the Browns (ohio.com)

"The Browns are trying to extend Mitchell Schwartz’s contract before he hits the market March 9, but he appears headed for free agency at this point and is looking to make the kind of money usually reserved for left tackles."

NFL News:

Ezekiel Elliott believes he can be three-down running back in NFL

"Ezekiel Elliott still wants the ball. But he wants more than that. He wants a place among the current generation of younger NFL running backs who are returning the position to prominence, alongside St. Louis’ Todd Gurley and others."

Some team will panic and reach for a QB in the draft, but which one? (Sporting News)

"Who’s going to be the reach of the 2016 NFL draft? Specifically, which quarterback? Because somebody will be. The candidates are already being lined up for the label they didn’t ask for and won’t deserve, but which some team will put on them because it’s scared to pass on a franchise player."

Free agent QB class is deep, intriguing (ESPN)

"As weird as it might seem, the 2016 market actually offers the deepest, most compelling group of quarterback options we’ve seen since 2012, and arguably in any class over the past decade."