Daily Dawg Tags: Who will the Browns cut next?


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Friday, March 18.

Cleveland Browns:

Cleveland Browns: Who’s next?

"The Cleveland Browns are rebuilding their roster and players on the wrong side of 30 are becoming endangered species. Who could be next to be released?"

Cleveland Browns draft profile: Will Fuller

"Notre Dame wide receiver Will Fuller has the skill set at a position of great need for the Cleveland Browns, and could end up falling right in their lap."

Dwayne Bowe was ultimate example of Browns’ ineptness (cleveland.com)

"On Wednesday, the Browns cut Dwayne Bowe, the wide receiver who was the worst pick-up as a free agent in this city since Keith Hernandez, Andre Rison and Dave Winfield. Hernandez was a malingerer, Rison a divisive fool and Winfield’s stats and durability all but disappeared. Bowe was really a bigger nothing than even dismissed quarterback Johnny Manziel, who at least was something big to TMZ."

Connor Cook meets with Browns at Pro Day (NFL.com)

"From accuracy to leadership, there are scouting questions about former Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook. NFL teams were trying to track down the answers Wednesday at MSU’s Pro Day."

NFL News:

Baltimore’s Tray Walker critically injured in motorcycle crash (ESPN)

"Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tray Walker was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Liberty City, Florida, on Thursday night and is in critical condition at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, a team spokesman said."

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz: Pro ready vs. Upside (NFL Mocks)

"The debate that has begun to spread across the entire 2016 NFL draft landscape is nothing new.  It’s two quarterbacks rising to the top of the discussion for who will or should be the first one off the board. Should the one with the higher upside be first off the board or the one more ready to play?"

Don’t count on a DeMarco Murray revival in Tennessee (PFF)

"There are plenty of signs that the Titans new running back won’t be able to recapture the form he had in 2014 with the Cowboys."