Daily Dawg Tags: The Browns, RG3 and QBs


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Thursday, March 24.

Cleveland Browns:

Trying to buy into RG3

"The Cleveland Browns have been linked to free agent quarterback Robert Griffin III, but is this a gamble that has any chance of paying off?"

Browns should follow Washington’s approach in 2016 NFL Draft

"The Cleveland Browns should look to what the Washington Redskins did in the 2012 NFL Draft when deciding upon a quarterback in 2016."

Browns expected to strike deal with RG3

"The Cleveland Browns are expected to be the team that works out a deal with free agent quarterback Robert Griffin III."

RG3 would regret signing with the Browns (Riggo’s Rag)

"Even if the Cleveland Browns are the only team willing to give Robert Griffin III a shot at earning a starting job, it wouldn’t be a good situation for him to revive his career."

Bruce Arians wonders if scars are “too deep” for RG3 (USA Today)

"Free agent quarterback Robert Griffin III has undergone two reconstructive knee surgeries over the years, although Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said he’s more worried about some other “scars.”"

NFL News:

Most overrated offensive players in 2016 NFL Draft (NFL.com)

"Labeling prospects as “overrated” going into the draft often makes it seem as though it’s the player’s fault that his ability was overestimated. However, there are a few players in this year’s class that have received higher ratings than they should. And they will carry those too-high expectations into their pro careers if selected at the top of the draft."

Patriots won’t recoup lost draft picks (NESN)

"Roger Goodell announced Wednesday at the NFL Annual Meeting that he replied to the New England Patriots owner’s request to recoup the 2016 first-round draft pick lost as part of the league’s Deflategate discipline and won’t reduce the punishment. Goodell said he considered the request, but the letter contained no new information."

Denver Broncos must trade up to draft a QB (Denver Post)

"John Elway is on a mission. He’s looking for the next great Broncos quarterback. And guess what? Mark Sanchez is not it. But Carson Wentz could be. And Paxton Lynch might be. How about Jared Goff? The next great Denver quarterback has yet to play a down in the NFL."

Top NFL draft prospects by position from the Big Ten (PFF)

"Connor Cook and Ezekiel Elliott lead the way as the top Big Ten talent ahead of the 2016 NFL draft."