Cleveland Browns: When will Josh Gordon be reinstated?


Josh Gordon is still awaiting word on whether he will be reinstated to the NFL for the 2016 season.

The Cleveland Browns are preparing for the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft in which the next group of players will be brought to town to try to turnaround the franchise. But there is another player who is not yet on the active roster who could have a major impact on the team in 2016.

Josh Gordon was supposed to have his fate for the 2016 season decided by now, but the NFL has been silent on the issue.

The reports that have come out describe a situation where the NFL does not trust Gordon enough to allow him back into the league, with the fear of relapse holding back a decision.

Gordon has been spotted with Manziel during his suspension, which may be the worst person to be photographed with when trying to prove that one is committed to sobriety and earning a way back into the NFL. Manziel is the golden boy of how not to act as an NFL player, and being around him look terrible.

The season itself does not start until September, but Gordon’s return, or continued suspension, could change the team’s draft plans.

After Travis Benjamin’s departure to join the San Diego Chargers, the Browns are left without a threat at the wide receiver position. Gary Barnidge serves as the top target, but he is a tight end. There is nothing wrong with him being the leading receiver this season, but he will garner the most attention from opposing defenses if the receivers are easy covers for opposing defensive backs.

If Gordon returns before the draft, the team knows it has that threat at the receiver position. A receiver should still be targeted, but it can be a decision saved for the later rounds.

But if Gordon’s suspension is upheld, or there is still no decision, the team will have to think about taking a receiver in the first few rounds. The worst thing that could happen would be for no decision to be announced, as the Browns would just have to guess about a possible return, which could mess with the draft plans.

The NFL has no requirement to announce a decision on Gordon any time soon, but it should not be taking this long. If he was reinstated and failed another drug test, the NFL could just suspend him again. Acting so secretive only serves to question the system, or lack thereof, used by the NFL when it comes to player discipline.