Cleveland Browns: 5 best second-round picks of all-time

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As good as Walter Johnson was as a defensive tackle, the man who lined up next to him for seven years may have been even better.

A four-time Pro Bowler who did not miss a start in his first seven years in the league, Jerry Sherk is not only the best defensive tackle in franchise history, but there was a time in the mid-1970s that he was considered the best defensive tackle in the NFL.

Unfortunately, Sherk may be best remembered for developing a staph infection in his left knee that put him in the hospital for six weeks during the 1979 season – an injury that helped derail a Browns team that was fighting for a playoff spot with a 7-3 record. He tried to return to the field in 1980, but the impact of the infection lingered and he only played in one game.

Sherk played one final year in 1981, posting three sacks as a situational pass rusher. He retired after that season with 69.5 sacks, an impressive number for a defensive tackle – especially during an era where teams still looked to run the ball as much as possible.

It was during the 1977 season, while on injured reserve with a knee injury, that Sherk became interested in photography, which he took up full-time following his retirement from the NFL. Sherk has posted hundreds of photos from his playing days on his Facebook page.

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