Cleveland Browns draft grades reveal a mixed bag on the 14 picks

Apr 28, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; Corey Coleman (Baylor) with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after being selected by the Cleveland Browns as the number fifteen overall pick in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft at Auditorium Theatre. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 28, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; Corey Coleman (Baylor) with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after being selected by the Cleveland Browns as the number fifteen overall pick in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft at Auditorium Theatre. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports /

The Cleveland Browns were busy during the 2016 NFL Draft. But how much quality was in all that quantity they selected?

The 2016 NFL Draft has come to a close and members of the Cleveland Browns front office are probably taking some much-needed rest today.

The Browns made an NFL-high 14 selections over the draft’s seven rounds – including a ridiculous nine selections on Saturday – starting with Wisconsin linebacker Joe Schobert at No. 99 and finishing with Arizona linebacker Scooby Wright at No. 250.

Cleveland added quality to the roster in wide receiver Corey Coleman and defensive linemen Emmanuel Ogbah and Carl Nassib; quantity, especially at wide receiver where they selected four overall; and even threw in a puzzling pick or two to keep things interesting, most notably selecting USC quarterback Cody Kessler in the third round.

“I truly believe that this class will start to put a stamp on what we are truly about and what we are becoming.” – Head coach Hue Jackson

“I think it has been a tremendous few days for us,” head coach Hue Jackson said. “We set out to strengthen our team, to improve our team in a lot of different areas, and I think we have accomplished that.”

The Browns also made a commitment to selecting players that won’t be a problem off the field, which should be a refreshing change after everything that went on the past two years.

“There is not a test that tells you exactly what he is going to be like, but what we have to do is spend as much time as we can with him as we can,” chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta said. “Our scouts have done a tremendous job of trying to get to know these kids as best they can, get to know their coaches, get to know everyone around their program. Not perfect by any stretch, but it was something that we really emphasize and was important to us this year, and I think it will continue to be moving forward.”

Of course, none of that matters if the players selected over the past three days can’t perform on the field come Sundays in the fall. It is also unrealistic to believe that all 14 players the team selected are going to be on the roster this fall. But for the most part the Browns did more good than bad and it is safe to say they earned a solid B for the weekend.

Locally, fans seem to be pretty happy with how thinks went for the Browns, but what about nationally? Here’s a rundown of what some of the national sites have to say, in descending order, about how the Browns did with those 14 picks.

Pro Football Focus: Grade A

"Day 1: After trading down from No. 8 overall, the Browns secured the same player I gave them in my final mock draft in Coleman. He’s the top receiver on our draft board, as he can separate before the catch and take it to the house after it, all leading to an outrageously good (and best-in-class) 4.88 yards per route last season before his quarterback situation hurt his production (he finished third in that stat)."

"Day 2: With the No. 3 pass-rush grade in the class, Ogbah showed that he can win to the outside, but he does need to develop a counter-move and use his length better both as a rusher and in the run game. Nassib put together a monster senior season, including a dominant Senior Bowl, and he pushed the pocket and used his good hands to post the No. 2 pass-rush productivity in the class at 18.3. Coleman is a good developmental tackle after grading well in a friendly Auburn system (+27.5, sixth in the class). Kessler is as accurate as any quarterback in this draft (accuracy percentage of 78.2 percent, third in class), but he doesn’t have a great arm and he can be slow to process in the pocket at times."

"Day 3: Schobert was extremely productive in college, leading the class with a 22.7 pass rush productivity and slipping blocks with active hands. Payton was adept at getting open for UCLA, leading to the No. 7 receiving grade in the class at +22.2. Drango projects as a guard, but his +29.7 run block grade ranked second among the nation’s offensive tackles. Higgins is a good route runner and he has a great feel for the game that allowed him to post the No. 3 receiving grade in the nation in 2014. Wright was excellent against the run with +34.5 grade that ranked second in the nation." B+

"Connecting Robert Griffin III with another former Baylor star, Corey Coleman, makes a lot of sense. Getting four extra picks to move down eight spots is a good deal, if you buy into the “more is more” theory when it comes to accumulating selections. Only capitalizing on the extra selections will make it a great deal."

"Building on the lines was a high priority, and they did just that on day two. Ogbah and Nassib will bring it in the front seven. Shon Coleman needs to tighten up his technique but has a chance to be a bulldozer at right tackle."

"The Browns tied a seven-round record with 14 picks in this draft. They kept pounding the front seven with Schobert early in the fourth, then picked up yet another a pick by trading out of 100. Louis was an “upside” pick at a position, but the better picks were Higgins and Payton. Kindred is a good story and a solid player, though the value was only average. Drango will compete for playing time at guard or right tackle in 2016. Wright was one of the top defenders in the country in 2014."

USA Today: B

"Two years ago, the Browns were hammered for not taking a single receiver despite a glaring need there. So to be fair, we should probably praise Cleveland for taking five over the weekend (though the team lists Princeton’s Seth Devalve as a tight end). Now the question is if Cleveland opted for quantity over quality, and how many of those draftees will even make the 53-man roster. The Browns also gambled on USC QB Cody Kessler in the third round, but Hue Jackson’s track record with passers should give the organization the initial benefit of the doubt on the selection." C+

"In its first draft, Cleveland’s revamped front office took four wide receivers plus a pass-catching tight end. The Browns need Coleman to prove himself worthy of being the first receiver off the board, period. Their best bet for production in 2016 otherwise probably comes from Higgins, the last of the WR/TE burst. He saw a heavy volume of target at Colorado State and could do the same for Hue Jackson now. The Browns also sound as if they like QB Cody Kessler a ton, straying quite a bit from the feeling outside their building. But how the Browns’ class looks in hindsight will depend on how well Ogbah, Carl Nassib and offensive tackle Shon Coleman fit. Both Ogbah and Nassib would have been obvious fits in a 4–3 scheme and are more projections for a 3–4, so we’ll see. Schobert led off the fourth round and is one of the draft’s better under-the-radar picks—an effective, active linebacker. We have to take into account the extra picks Cleveland got in future drafts for trading down twice from the No. 2 pick. How many of this year’s 14 newcomers will stick?​"

CBS Sports: C-

"Best pick: Third-round pick Carl Nassib is a self-made player who has been compared to Jared Allen. He could be a big part of their revamped pass rush with Emmanuel Ogbah."

"Questionable move: Using a third-round pick on Southern California quarterback Cody Kessler is really strange. I know Hue Jackson has ties to USC, but is he really worth a third-round pick?"

"Third-day gem: Fifth-round receiver Rashard Higgins from Colorado State is a polished player who should be able to come in and help the passing game."

"Analysis: The Browns had 14 picks, thanks to a bunch of trade-downs, and they landed a lot of decent players. But this is a draft that will be defined by how well Carson Wentz plays for the Eagles since they traded out of the second spot with a chance to pick him. If he is great, this draft will be irrelevant. If he’s not, the Browns win. There are some good players here to help the rebuild, but numbers aren’t always the best thing if they don’t pan out."

You’ve seen what everyone else has to say, now it’s your turn. How would you grade the weekend for the Browns?