Cleveland Browns: 5 questions on Scooby Wright


The Cleveland Browns selected Scooby Wright in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft and he could be a major contributor in 2016.

The Cleveland Browns selected former University of Arizona linebacker Scooby Wright in the seventh-round of the 2016 NFL Draft, so we caught up with Shereen Rayan of Zona Zealots to learn more about Wright and his potential with the Browns.

1. Were you surprised Scooby Wright went so late in the draft?

Shereen:  Surprised wasn’t the word I would use, Wildcats fans were very disappointed in the NFL. We have watched Scooby make huge plays, we have heard other Pac-12 coaches say they have a ton of respect for Scooby’s skills and it seemed there was a sense of relief when he was injured.

We thought the NFL would respect Scooby because he didn’t hide behind his injury, he went to the NFL combine and performed the tests, he didn’t do as well as he would have liked, but then he improved a lot on pro day. He even played in the New Mexico Bowl and showed he was still the hub of the defense, he had something like 15 tackles and a sack. So he put himself out there, others opted to not partake in skill drills and went into the draft only with their laurels for when they were healthy, didn’t risk it, but Scooby has a ton of heart and he wanted to show scouts he was 150 percent in.

I feel he is going to surprise the nation, and he’s going to make other teams pay for not drafting him. This just gives him ammunition, always the underdog and having to prove himself, and he is always up for the task.  Remember he was a two-star recruit with one offer. He went from that to becoming the most decorated defensive lineman in the country winning nine awards!

2. What is one weakness Wright has that he needs to improve on before the season starts?

Shereen: Seems like speed, but I would think a linebacker is running long distances unless he snags an interception. He recently trimmed down and that helped him record a better 40 than at the combine. Let’s just say, when Scooby was on the field, you feel very confident in your team’s defense.

3. Will Wright be able to contribute to the Browns in 2016?

Shereen: He has been itching to get back on the field, he cannot wait to prove to all the other NFL Teams that they should have drafted him. He will want to make an impact because once again he has to prove himself. He has proven himself many times to Wildcats nation, so none of us have any doubt he will contribute.

I feel he is going to surprise the nation, and he’s going to make other teams pay for not drafting him.

Remember when Marcus Marriota had the ball stripped from his hands at the end of the Arizona-Oregon game in 2014? That was Scooby, he stepped up when his team needed him and made the play that won’t the game for Arizona. Arizona would eventually win the Pac-12 South.

4. What was Wright’s biggest accomplishment at Arizona that will transfer over to his NFL career?

Shereen: He is not concerned with winning awards, he just wants to win/ That said, he won 9 defensive awards at the height of his college career. If he didn’t get injured, who knows what he could have accomplished. His stats are impressive, and they don’t include the majority of games he could have played in, he missed two-thirds of his season.

Scooby told me he likes to tackle, there is nothing like the feeling of sacking a quarterback. Whenever there was a huge tackle, number 33 was in the mix.

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Scooby feels his biggest play in his college career was the stripping of the ball from Oregon’s Heisman trophy winner. In that play, the No. 1 defensive player in the country took on the countries best player and he came up on top.

5. What is one unique aspect about Wright that Browns fans should know?

Shereen: Scooby is humble. He wants live up to fans expectations. He is the epitome of a football player that plays with heart, you never count him out. No one says ‘No’ to Scooby Wright III. If they do, he will want to prove them wrong.

He was very emotional when he was picked, he wanted to play in the NFL more than you can imagine. He has come from two starts to be the best defensive player in the country. He has come from being injured to coming back and killing it in the team’s bowl game. He is a leader whose teammates respect tremendously. There is nothing bad you can say about his character and demeanor.

He is already a Cleveland Brown, the first video he recorded he was barking, immediately felt he was part of the Dawg Pound. And it’s fitting that Scooby is going to be part of the Dawg Pound. His fans, and myself, could not be happier for him, he has a lot to prove, but we are jealous that he isn’t ours anymore, he is all yours and your front office proved how smart they were chosing him. Bruce Arians was on the phone with him begging him to sign with Arizona Cardinals when he got the call from the Browns front office that they drafted him.

Wildcats fans everywhere will want Scooby to do well, and we will be cheering for him just like we do for Rob Gronkowski.

You snooze you lose, and all the other NFL teams lost by not drafting Scoooooooooobbbbyyyyyy!