Deadspin tells Browns fans why the team will suck in 2016


Deadspin published its annual edition of “Why Your Team Sucks,” with the 2016 Cleveland Browns being the latest team in focus.

The Cleveland Browns open training camp Friday which means every day is one day closer to the start of the regular season. And for Browns fans, the regular season has not been a time of great excitement since 1999.

Deadspin recently began its annual NFL Preview, better known as “Why Your Team Sucks.” The 2016 edition finally made its way to covering the Browns, who have a long way to go before being considered even a shell of what the franchise was before it moved to Baltimore.

The post starts off with a gif of Josh McCown nearly having his head taken off by the New York Jets’ defense on the first drive of the 2015 season, which set the tone for the entire year.

The team has many new faces in all parts of the organization this season, but it will take some time before the team can avoid the jokes thrown its way.

For those unfamiliar with Deadspin, the site covers every team in this fashion, but the Browns are just too easy of a target and likely require the least amount of thought in this type of article.

The easiest way to poke fun at the Browns this year is by pointing out the fact they have given Robert Griffin III another chance after he seemingly lost his way in Washington. From the article:

"By the end of this season, RG3 will be wandering around the stadium before games in street clothes, triply deactivated, wondering how he managed to tear the same knee ligament in eight places while tweeting out a logo redesign."

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The article is written from the most pessimistic view possible, but it would be wrong to say fans don’t wake up in cold sweats after having a dream filled with Griffin limping off the field after the first play in Philadelphia on September 11.

The article also touches on how the Browns plucked an analytics guy who has never worked in football before, but it is still far too early to pass judgment on Paul DePodesta, even if the hiring was a major surprise.

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The entire series of “Why Your Team Sucks” articles are a fun read. Just don’t take them too seriously.