DPD talks Cleveland Browns on Sportscast Radio


Dawg Pound Daily co-expert Steven Kubitza recently went on Sportscast Radio to discuss the outlook for the 2016 Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns are a team known nationally for historic hardships and continual failure, but many around the nation are not well-informed on this current Browns team.

New starting quarterback Robert Griffin III is a big name, but there are so many other storylines surrounding the team besides just who will line up under center.

To answer some of these questions, our own Steven Kubitza, the person writing this post and referring to himself in the third person, joined Sportscast Radio Sunday night to talk all things Cleveland Browns.

(My part starts at about the 43-minute mark and goes until the 69-minute mark.)

The conversation covered the Browns on both sides of the ball, while also taking a look at what several different players bring to the team this year. Griffin was brought up because every radio show about the Browns needs a least a few minutes of quarterback talk, but the coverage also focuses on the rest of the offense, along with defense.

The show can be found by clicking on the highlighted link you saw two paragraphs ago, or by heading to www.blogtalkradio.com/sportscastradio and selecting the show from August 21.

As a disclaimer, I (switching back to first-person here) did predict that the Browns will go 6-10 this year. For some this may be generous while others may believe I am crazy to think the Browns will win any less than ten games.

Next: Will Andrew Hawkins make the team?

So be sure to listen to the clip and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.