DPD Bettor’s Guide – Week 7 “Goodell Speaks” Edition


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to rethink his reasons why TV ratings are dipping as our resident handicapper looks at Week 7.

Did everyone else hear NFL Commissioner Roger “Yes I Make $40 Million Per Year!Goodell conjure up every lame excuse for the league’s tanking TV ratings? The debates, no close games, even Snapchat and Twitter.

The Commish forgot another obvious reason some viewers are tuning out: my mediocre handicapping tips.

Last week I correctly called “the Pittsburgh Steelers always suffer a mid-season road stinker” upset and the Jacksonville Jaguars nipping the Chicago Bears. (Memo to the Commissioner: ya’ think having a franchise in a backwater like the Redneck Riviera might hurt TV ratings? I don’t see many sports bars filled with “Jaguar Nation” – even in Jacksonville.)

My losing picks were when New England’s Tom Brady continued his two-week destruction through Ohio and the Dallas Cowboys upsetting the Packers in Green Bay.

This week we’ll go back to an old axiom: bet against a mediocre team on a mild winning streak.

  • Philadelphia Eagles +3 vs. the Minnesota Vikings – Minny’s not good enough to be giving a field goal on the road.
  • Miami Dolphins + 3 vs. the Buffalo Bills – See above. Bills fans are starting to get mouthy on NFL radio.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +7.5 vs. the New England Patriots – No Ben Roethlisberger, no problem. Can Brady beat the AFC North three weeks straight? (Technically, if not competitively, the division  includes the Cleveland Browns.)
  • Baltimore Ravens (PK) at the New York Jets (LOCK) – If Geno Smith’s still starting on Oct. 30, the Browns will have another real shot at a victory.

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Last week 2-2. Season Record 10-14.