Daily Dawg Tags: The rebuild is always the focus


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Friday, Nov. 18.

It is hard to talk about the Cleveland Browns without mentioning that the team is going through another rebuild. If one ignores that fact, it is easy to go crazy because of the current 0-10 record.

The point of a rebuild is for a team to build a solid foundation for future success, but it is hard to see any positives through the first ten games of 2016. The hope is that the 2016 draft picks will continue to progress and improve in 2017, but there are still so many questions all along the roster.

The key will be another strong draft in 2017, when the Browns will likely have the top overall pick, while also owning the Philadelphia Eagles’ first-round pick. The ghosts of Brandon Weeden, Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson, and Justin Gilbert will loom over the draft, but this new regime seems to have a sense of what they are doing. That is, they won’t reach on a player because he was exciting in college.

It is an impossible process to judge after just one year, so it will be fun to see how the process progresses. That, or it will be a disaster. The suspense is building after each game. For now, let’s take a look at the new surrounding the Browns and the rest of the NFL in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns news: 

Cleveland Browns: 5 long-term steps to AFC North contention

"It is beyond evident at this point that the Cleveland Browns have not found all of the answers quite yet."

The front office went too far with rebuild

"The Cleveland Browns embarked upon a baseball-style rebuild entering into the 2016 football season."

The Cleveland Browns need Robert Griffin III to return to the field

"The Cleveland Browns are struggling as a football team. There are many reasons a football team struggles, but the primary one is a lack of leadership."

Starting Cody Kessler may no longer make sense (NFL Spin Zone)

"Rookie quarterback Cody Kessler was first thrust into the starting quarterback job for the Cleveland Browns due to injury."

Started from the bottom now the Browns are still there (MMQB)

"Each week during this 0-10 season, Hue Jackson has received a text message from Jim Haslam, the father of the man who owns the Cleveland Browns."

NFL news:

Jones says this is not goodbye for Romo and the Cowboys (FanSided)

"Social media was in a flurry Wednesday commenting on Tony Romo’s statement to the media."

Jamaal Charles undergoes second knee scope (NFL.com)

"The Chiefs still hope to have Jamaal Charles back in time for the playoffs, but the veteran runner has hit another roadblock."

Adrian Peterson resumes light running (Pro Football Talk)

"The Vikings have plenty of problems, 5-4 record notwithstanding."