Daily Dawg Tags: Cody Kessler should not play again in 2016


Spanning the virtual globe to bring you the latest news about the Cleveland Browns and the NFL – these are your Daily Dawg Tags for Tuesday, Nov. 29.

The Cleveland Browns are off this Sunday, which is great news for everyone on the roster. It is also great for the fans.

The Browns need a week off to reset and focus on the final four games. A 1-15 season is still depressing, but the team cannot finish 0-16.

While the team gets a week off, rookie quarterback Cody Kessler has returned to the active roster after missing a few games due to a concussion. Yet while he is back on the active roster, there is no reason for him to take the field in two weeks against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Kessler has suffered enough punishment this season, and it is clear that he does not have what it takes to pick up a win with the talent around him. And with the offensive line continuing to lose key players, Kessler playing again would serve no positive purpose.

The player who deserves a start is Robert Griffin III, who should be ready to go following the bye week. He opened the season as the starter and deserves a shot to prove himself, even if his performance in Week 1 wasn’t all that great.

The other quarterbacks on the roster have not picked up a win, so why not let the former sensation try to get the job done. It would be better than putting a rookie back on the field following a concussion. That just isn’t safe.

Let’s look at that news and more in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns news:

Cody Kessler cleared for practice, so what comes next?

"The Cleveland Browns received good news on Monday, but as with all things Browns in 2016 it came with a dose of the bad and more questions about the quarterback position."

Grades from the disheartening loss to the Giants

"Can the Cleveland Browns win a single game? It is a legitimate question, given the fact that the team has been competitive in almost every contest."

How the Browns are utilizing Jamie Collins (Dawgs by Nature)

"In Bill Belichick’s most recent edition of “Well, I guess we can’t really question him,” the Cleveland Browns acquired All-Pro linebacker Jamie Collins from Belichick’s Patriots."

Rashard Higgins Needs More Looks Down the Stretch (NFL Spin Zone)

"With former quarterback Terrelle Pryor excelling at his new position of receiver, it’s been a bit easy to forget that the Cleveland Browns actually added four other young pass-catchers in the 2016 draft."

NFL news:

Eric Dickerson claims he’s been banned from Rams sidelines (FanSided)

"So, if you’re a Hall of Fame running back that enjoys watching your team from the sidelines, it’s probably best to filter what you say about them publicly."

Gary Kubiak on FG call: ‘We’re going to try to win’ (NFL.com)

"From Kansas City’s 44-yard line, Gary Kubiak had a choice to make on fourth-and-10 with the game locked up in a 27-27 tie late in overtime."

NFL denies that TNF could be limited or eliminated (PFT)

"On Sunday, PFT reported that the league’s effort to solve the current ratings crisis will include consideration of shrinking or scuttling Thursday Night Football. The league says that’s not so."