Cleveland Browns: Can't blame NFL for 2017 London game

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Nov 30, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns fans cheer against the Baltimore Ravens at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Ravens won 33-27. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns will play a home game in London in 2017, and it is hard to get mad at the NFL for making such a decision.

Well, it's official. After a few days of speculation, Cleveland Browns fans may not like the latest news surrounding the team.

So unless one lives in London, this is some frustrating news for season-ticket holders who enjoy making the trek to FirstEnergy Stadium eight times per season. Make that ten, counting the two exciting preseason games included in the packages.

But while it may be frustrating, fans in attendance the past few weeks need only look around them to see why such a decision makes sense. The attendance the past few games has been dismal, at least in terms of Browns fans showing up. FirstEnergy Stadium has become a place for fans of the opposing team to go and feel at home.

But it is hard to blame fans for not making it downtown for the games. Devoting a whole day to an 0-13 football team, and one that has a hard time scoring double-digits, just doesn't seem fun after so many years of the same thing.

The NFL certainly doesn't want to see the stadium empty, but it should be no surprise to why this is the case. That is where the game in London comes into play.

It is tough to believe the Browns have fallen so far to lose a home game, but it is better than having 20,000 indifferent fans in the crowd on a cold December day in 2017. And for a franchise with fans all over the world, a game in London will actually helps the franchise's global brand.

Fans should not direct any anger at the NFL over such a move, as the Browns organization has done this to itself. And it is not like the Browns are being punished. Teams play in London every year. The Browns are just the next team up to take their turn.

The true worst part about the game is the fact it will likely be at 9:30 a.m. EST. So tailgating starts at 3?

This announcement seems overly negative because of the way the season is going, but the game should end up being a unique experience for fans and players alike. It is only one home game, and fans can rejoice in the money saved while the team continues its rebuild.