Cleveland Browns: Top 30 moments of all-time

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Paul Warfield is considered one of the greatest receivers to ever play in the NFL. That is why it is mind-boggling to realize that he was traded away to the Miami Dolphins when still at the peak of his abilities.

The Browns traded Warfield to the Dolphins in 1970 in order to get the third overall pick held by Miami, which was used on quarterback Mike Phipps. Is Phipps not a name you associate with greatness? Well, that’s because this trade is considered one of the most one-sided in NFL history.

So rest easy Browns fans, terrible personnel moves are not a new thing in Cleveland.

Phipps finished his career with 55 touchdowns. Warfield finished with 85.

The trade sent Warfield to a Miami team that would go on to win Super Bowls VII and VIII. He was also on the undefeated 1972 team. The Browns went 10-4 that year and actually faced the Dolphins in the first round of the playoffs. Obviously, the Dolphins won that game.

Warfield was a key part of the team in Miami, and could have been the same in Cleveland if not for the irrational trade.

Even if Phipps had success, the lack of a Super Bowl victory makes this trade one of the most puzzling, and frustrating moves in franchise history. – SK

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