Cleveland Browns: Top 30 moments of all-time

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Run William, run!

2002 was a wild season for the Browns. Seven of the nine wins were decided by less than 10 points, including the final game of the season.

The Browns needed a win against the Atlanta Falcons to make the playoffs, along with some help from several other teams.

The score was 17-16 with just over four minutes remaining and the Browns had the ball at their own 36 yard-line. Rookie running back William Green was in the backfield behind Kelly Holcomb, who was in for an injured Tim Couch after Couch broke his leg.

A score was not needed, but four minutes is a lot of time to run off the clock. This did not end up being a problem after Green ran 64 yards for a touchdown. The crowd was going insane as Green blew by the Falcons’ defenders and raced into the end zone.

The score and ensuing extra point put the Browns up 24-16, but the Falcons weren’t done yet.

The Falcons marched all the way down to the goal-line, but were stuffed at the line on fourth down to give the Browns the win. After a few hours and wins by both the New England Patriots and New York Jets, the Browns were in the playoffs in only the fourth season since returning to the NFL.

The Browns would lose/collapse against the Pittsburgh Steelers in that playoff game, but fans should have cherished that game, as it was the last time the Browns have been in the postseason.

But even with the playoff loss, the magic of William Green’s run lives on. – SK

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