Daily Dawg Tags: Get ready for even more quarterback talk


The Cleveland Browns continue to search for a franchise quarterback, and with the NFL year nearing its conclusion, expect plenty of talk on the subject.

The Senior Bowl is in the books, as is the Pro Bowl.

This weekend it will be the Super Bowl, which will officially bring the 2016 NFL season to a close.

That means we are one day closer to the non-stop talk about the Cleveland Browns and their ongoing quarterback issue.

Some of the talk between now and the draft will be fun. Some of it may even be insightful. Much of it, however, will be maddening or make you want to pound your head on the table.

But, sadly, until the Browns fixed a problem that has plagued the franchise since 1993, the talk will continue to roll on.

Cleveland Browns news

Browns will draft a QB if Hue Jackson wants one

There is one universal truth that has enveloped the Cleveland Browns since the early 1990s. They are not going to win anything until they find an actual NFL quarterback. That quarterback will come in the 2017 NFL Draft. Unless, of course, he doesn’t. On the surface that may sound confusing, but if you pay close attention to what head coach Hue Jackson said this week during practice at the Senior Bowl things start to clear up.

What should the Browns do at quarterback?

Despite the free agent market (Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Tyrod Taylor) and the quarterbacks available to take in the draft (Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Deshone Kizer, etc.), the Browns should suck it up another year and roll with the quarterback talent currently on the roster. It isn’t the easiest decision to make, but it could be the best one.

Browns need to make an impact in next two drafts

The Cleveland Browns need to be on point not only in the 2017 NFL Draft but in the 2018 draft as well if they want to finally turn the franchise around.

Browns off-season quarterback talk mirroring 2016

The Cleveland Browns once again own picks early in the NFL Draft, bringing back a familiar discussion when it comes to the Draft and quarterbacks.

7 final observations from Senior Bowl week (clevelandbrowns.com)

As we wrap up our week of Senior Bowl coverage, here’s a final set of observations from a busy, busy time in the Port City.

Browns part way with Taekwondo master Joe Kim (cleveland.com)

Before every Browns game last season, it wasn’t hard to find Master Joe Kim. The local Taekwondo master spent time with the team’s defensive linemen prior to each contest, running them through drills designed to speed up their hands and teach them handfighting. Now Kim’s third stint with his favorite football team is over. The Browns have parted ways with the Lakewood native, Kim confirmed for cleveland.com on Saturday.

NFL news

Next NFL draft QB steal could be Nathan Peterman (sportingnews)

Since 2005, nine quarterbacks have attended the Senior Bowl and gone on to be first-round picks. Joe Flacco, EJ Manuel and Carson Wentz, for example, can trace their NFL draft process rises directly to Mobile, Ala. Even recent second-rounders like Jimmy Garappolo and Derek Carr earned their attention after strong weeks of practice at the Senior Bowl. In 2017, given one of the weakest senior quarterback classes in recent history, NFL teams came to Mobile pessimistic about the position but hopeful one prospect would emerge. Pittsburgh’s Nathan Peterman has done just that.

Why Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford doesn’t deserve a huge contract (Detroit Free Press)

Matthew Stafford does not deserve to become the NFL’s first $25-million-per-year player. According to Bart Scott — a CBS analyst, former NFL player and Detroit native — and many others, that’s exactly what the Detroit Lions should make their star quarterback. But what has Stafford done to earn that?

The NFL’s model franchise was once a tear-down project (Washington Post)

This is a franchise that, in no particular order: chose a guy who couldn’t win at the University of Toledo over a Hall of Famer as its coach, nearly electrocuted that coach at a news conference, suspended another coach for taking a different job in-season, played 19 seasons before hosting a playoff game, played 26 before winning a playoff game, and then reached the Super Bowl only as a means to sharpen the punchlines to an endless stream of jokes. That was all before they reached rock bottom.

49ers finally found someone who wanted the GM job (Mercury News)

Somebody had to take the 49ers GM job. Somebody. Had to. Right? We just found out; the 49ers have picked former safety John Lynch as their new GM, and let’s just politely say that, until we learn more, he doesn’t quite fall in the “very plausible” side of the spectrum.