Daily Dawg Tags: Staff bonding at the Senior Bowl


The Cleveland Browns rebuilt coaching staff had a chance to work together for the first time at the Senior Bowl, an experience that should prove valuable come the regular season.

The Cleveland Browns coaching staff spent last week working with a selected group of college players during the annual Senior Bowl.

While the opportunity to get a closer look at the players during practice and in the exhibition game will prove useful come draft day, the chance for the revamped coaching staff to spend time together should also prove beneficial come this fall.

“Anytime there’s new coaches that come aboard, it’s like going to school again for the first day, you’re meeting new classmates, how do they do things, what do they like to do, what’s the best way to communicate,” special teams coordinator Chris Tabor told the team’s website. “I think it’s given our staff an opportunity to go through those things, to see how the defensive staff communicates with their players, communicates with you and it’s been a really good first starting point.”

As the Browns continue to go through the latest rebuilding project every little edge they can find can only help the process.

“We’ve had a lot of meetings, we’ve had a lot of this is how we do this is how were going to go about it,”head coach Hue Jackson said. “A lot these guys are not new to me … (the ones who are will) get to know my style, I’ll get to know theirs. But I think we all understand what we’re trying to do.”

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