Cleveland Browns: Quarterback remains team’s biggest pre-camp question

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The Cleveland Browns begin training camp in less than three weeks, and the starting quarterback position is once again up for grabs.

The suspense continues to build for Cleveland Browns fans who are now firmly entrenched in the camp of one of the three potential starting quarterbacks.

The disciples of Cody Kessler, DeShone Kizer and Brock Osweiler will soon duke it out on social media and in bars across Northeast Ohio to share why they think “their guy” should be the starter.

This is not a good problem for the Browns to have, but at least the talent pool at the position is better than in recent years.

It is no secret to Browns fans that the quarterback position needs to find a permanent solution soon, and this fact is known nationally as well. This is why the question of who will start at quarterback was named as the team’s biggest question mark heading into training camp in a recent NFL Spin Zone article by Randy Gurzi.

From the article:

"They had three first-round picks, but still didn’t get themselves a quarterback who is 100 percent ready to start. After taking a defensive end, safety and tight end in the first round, the Cleveland Browns finally selected Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer in round two. Kizer had limited experience for the Irish and, while flashing potential, he was still inconsistent at best.He won’t be a sure-fire starter either. The team returns 2016 third-round pick Cody Kessler, who played well in his time last season. They also have former Houston Texans starter Brock Osweiler, which is a surprise to most."

This motley crew of quarterbacks all bring certain strengths and flaws, so it is up to Hue Jackson to figure out who gives his team the best chance to succeed in 2017.

Every Browns fan has their own choice of who should start, and changing that opinion at this point in time is impossible. Browns fans are quite the stubborn bunch. The only way for a major shift to happen is for one player to shine throughout the preseason, and actually follow that up with some solid play in the regular season.

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This question of who should be the starter may continue on through the regular season until one player steps up and brings some legitimacy to the position. Even having one player make it through all 16 games would be an accomplishment for this team.