Cleveland Browns: The first step toward reaching the Super Bowl

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The Cleveland Browns aren’t legitimate Super Bowl contenders in 2017, but a recent article laid out the first step toward reaching that great stage.

The Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl? Perhaps in an alternate dimension.

The Browns have obviously never reached a Super Bowl, causing national media outlets to keep running those old, worn-out montages that are supposed to cast large amounts of shade on the team and the city.

Browns fans remain resilient, still supporting the team no matter what anyone else has to say about them.

The team enters 2017 following a 1-15 season, but appears to be on a great path led by Sashi Brown in the front office and Hue Jackson on the field. The record last year was dismal, but there is much more talent in town this season. I know, classic Browns fan optimism in August.

A recent FanSided article outlines one way each team in the NFL could improve their chances of winning the Super Bowl. The Browns aren’t winning it all this season, but the point laid out in the article does apply to the future as well.

The article explains how the Browns must turn things around in divisional play if the team ever wants to even have a chance to compete for a championship.

From the article:

"If the Browns are going to get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2002, they’re best path is to win the AFC North. But the team owns the worst divisional record in the NFL since realignment (21-69) and are a combined 10-44 vs. their three aforementioned rivals since ’08. This could be the year that all changes, spearheaded by Gregg Williams’ defensive unit."

One could say the Browns just need to start winning in general to have any chance of making the postseason, but consistently losing between four and six games within the division has been a killer for nearly two decades.

Just going .500 in AFC North games would go a long way toward turning things around, and three wins shouldn’t be too much to ask. Divisional wins need to become something Browns fans aren’t shocked about when they happen.

With the quarterbacks in the division getting older, the Browns are in a prime position to emerge as the new favorite in the division. This pins a lot of hope on the young roster, but nothing can truly change until the team finds the answer at quarterback.

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That is an annual discussion, but once the right person is found, there is no reason why the Browns can’t begin racking up wins in the division and eventually play a game in February.