Cody Kessler looking for the next opportunity

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The Cleveland Browns may be turning to quarterback Brock Osweiler for Thursday’s preseason game, but Cody Kessler just sees that as another opportunity.

Cody Kessler’s time with the Cleveland Browns has been anything but predictable.

A bit of a surprise as a third-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, Kessler was not supposed to see the field as a rookie. But, as often happens with the Browns, injuries to Robert Griffin III and Josh McCown forced Kessler into the starter’s role in Week 3 against the Miami Dolphins.

Kessler held his own that week, passing for 244 yards, but was unable to lead the Browns into the end zone, which combined with a shaky performance from new kicker Cody Parkey, led to an overtime defeat.

Things did not get much better as the season went along and the losses piled up – eight in all in Kessler’s eight starts – as did the concussions, of which he suffered two. The losses were not all his fault, but Kessler didn’t exactly improve as the season went along.

The offseason saw the exit of Griffin and McCown, but also the arrival of DeShone Kizer in the draft and Brock Osweiler via a trade.

Kessler entered training camp as the No. 1 quarterback on the depth chart, but that only lasted a little more than a week as head coach Hue Jackson announced on Monday that Osweiler would take on the starter’s role in Thursday night’s preseason game against the New Orleans Saints.

The latest twist in his short career left Kessler taking a philosophical approach to the situation, according to

"“It is just another opportunity. The only way you can control things like that is how you play on the field. That is something that I always stuck with – control what you can control, whenever I’m out there to make the most of those opportunities and do everything I can. Even in practice – practice, preseason and if you get opportunities in the season – you have to make the most of them.”"

It may only be one preseason game, and only a series or two at that, but the move to Osweiler may signal the temporary end of Kessler as Cleveland’s starting quarterback.

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If Jackson does not believe that Kizer has progressed enough to take over the starter’s role for the opening game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, it seems more than likely that he will turn to Osweiler as his temporary starter.

Say what you will about Osweiler, but he is more accomplished than Kessler and would seem to give the Browns the best chance of, it not winning, at least being somewhat competitive while everyone waits for Kizer to take the field.

That is not to say that we have seen the last of Kessler. There is still a lot of practice time and preseason games to be played for a final decision is reached. It is possible that Osweiler could look so bad that Jackson has no choice but to turn to Kessler, who has a bright future as a reliable backup quarterback in front of him.

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These are also still the Browns, a team that has not had a quarterback make 16 starts in a season since Tim Couch in 2001, so while it may not feel like it today, Kessler’s next opportunity may not be so far away.