Cleveland Browns: Grading the quarterbacks after the preseason opener

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Let the DeShone Kizer hype train start rolling.

Kizer played the entire second half and went 11-18 for 184 yards, including a touchdown and no interceptions.

He made Richard Mullaney and Jordan Payton look like big-play receivers and led a 75-yard game-winning touchdown drive in front of some excited Browns fans who stayed until the end.

And in direct contrast to the lack of arm strength from Kessler, Kizer was airing it out all night.

Kizer didn’t even get to step into that go-ahead touchdown pass to Jordan Payton and still got the ball there easily. Imagine what he can do when he has time to step into his throws.

I know, Robert Griffin III also displayed some impressive arm strength last preseason, but he had a whole other slew of problems to deal with including a lack of pocket awareness.

Fans shouldn’t go overboard and declare Kizer the savior after a good showing against guys who may not even make the Saints’ final roster, but the fact he dominated them means he should get a shot against some better competition moving forward.

Fans are quick to point out he had his success against reserve players, but it is much better than him doing bad against such players. Just can’t please some people, I suppose.

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Don’t expect Kizer to start the next preseason game against the New York Giants, but he should get some playing time earlier in the game, perhaps swapping with Kessler in the rotation so he can play in the first half.

Grade: A-