Cleveland Browns: Brock Osweiler’s odd time in Cleveland

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Cleveland Browns
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It was only a matter of time before Osweiler stood out against his competition in training camp. To be fair, he does have a lot of tools that teams look for in quarterbacks. His problem is putting them all together at once.

He has the height but lacks the consistent accuracy, and has the brains but lacks the discipline to not turn the ball over.

His experience stood out the most, which led him to open the preseason as the starting quarterback. He had the chance to win the job outright, making Browns fans wonder if he could turn things around in Cleveland.

All it took was a few deep balls from Kizer to see that the roookie was set to win the starting job, but that didn’t stop Hue Jackson from naming Osweiler the starter in the second preseason game as well. The fact he played poorly again was no surprise.

A quick aside, the fact Kizer won the job makes these two starts by Osweiler incredibly frustrating. If Hue Jackson knew he was leaning toward Kizer, and the front office hinted that Osweiler would be released, at least start him in the second game. He needs the snaps and now goes into Week 1 without much experience thanks to yet another quarterback competition.