Cleveland Browns: Brock Osweiler’s odd time in Cleveland

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Cleveland Browns
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It is hard to fault the front office for holding onto Osweiler until the last possible second, as they were likely trying to find a trade partner up until teams made it clear they weren’t interested at all.

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The injury to Andrew Luck opened up the possibility of a team in need of an experienced quarterback, but even the Indianapolis Colts weren’t desperate enough to pay several million dollars for a few weeks of Osweiler.

Browns fans may be frustrated that the team is paying him $16 million while also deeming Joe Haden to be too expensive, but both cuts still make sense from a talent perspective.

And when dealing with professional sports franchises, the money amounts are always going to be absurd, so it is just something to get used to.

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Now fans are hoping Kizer received enough reps this preseason to be fully ready for his debut against one of the best teams in football. The quarterback room is extremely young, but hopefully Osweiler shared some wisdom before he was let go.