Cleveland Browns: Calvin Pryor let go after fight in practice

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns have released Calvin Pryor after a reported fight in practice just days before the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Just when you thought the Myles Garrett news was enough for one day, the Cleveland Browns couldn’t even make it through a practice without a player getting cut.

Calvin Pryor was let go today after a reported fight in practice against Ricardo Louis, although Louis remains on the team.

The move was confirmed by the Browns in yet another sad tweet.

The Browns sent Demario Davis to the New York Jets for Pryor, so essentially they gave Davis away for free. So it goes.

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While this isn’t ideal, Pryor never stood out in the preseason and was likely only going to get significant playing time on special teams.

However, Hue Jackson has to be furious about this latest incident so close to the start of the season. The fact he agreed to release Pryor shows he is not messing around after the 1-15 season. Either you fit in with the team, or you will be let go.

I want to say this isn’t too big a deal but it always seems like it is something new with this team.

Even when things are seemingly going well, there is always some bit of news when the only thing that matters should be Sunday’s game against Pittsburgh.

Some fans may claim Hue Jackson doesn’t have control of his team, but this was clearly an incident of one player just snapping. Yet these random occurrences are still ominous in general, even if they aren’t Jackson’s fault.

The fact Pryor wasn’t a key member of this team helps this incident fade away faster, although he likely wouldn’t have been cut if he was a starter.

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Fans are now just hoping the team can make it to Sunday without any more bad news. Is that too much to ask?