Cleveland Browns: 3 takeaways on offense from the loss in Indianapolis

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Cleveland Browns
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Hue just kept passing and passing and passing and passing

DeShone Kizer dropped back to pass 47 times. That is a lot for most quarterbacks, let alone a rookie quarterback coming off a four turnover game last week in Baltimore.

In the first half, the Browns actually stuck with the run on a few drives. It got them first downs, set them up in third and manageable, and wouldn’t you know it, it actually got them a touchdown.

The Browns got down 28-7 in the first half which dictates pass-happy play-calling, but I saw the Ravens get down 23-0 against Jacksonville on Sunday morning and still run the football. This habit of abandoning the run and making the offense completely predictable is costing them football games.

Here is the play breakdown from the Browns first scoring drive: Four run plays and one pass play, finished off with a 19-yard rushing touchdown by Duke Johnson. Isn’t that something? It was quite a run by Duke as well and he needs to get the ball as much as humanly possible.

Their second touchdown drive was heavy passing, but you have to do that in a two-minute drill. My point is that the Browns can score touchdowns using the running game, and Hue Jackson needs to believe in his running game for more than the first half.

The second half play-calling proves that once again its a big reason why the Browns ended up with another loss. Down 28-14, the first two drives for the Browns included three run plays and nine pass plays, ending one drive with an interception and the other with a punt.

They had opportunities to come back in this game and the lack of balance played a huge role in their inability to capitalize. It does no favors to DeShone Kizer and it was evident again this week with his two costly turnovers in opposing territory.