Cleveland Browns: 3 takeaways on offense from the loss in Indianapolis

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Turnovers in opposing territory

This game could have actually gotten very interesting for a small period of time during the second half. The Browns scored going into the half, cutting the lead to 14, and then forced a quick three-and-out.

These drives are the ones that separate good teams from bad teams. They are the types of drives that a young rookie quarterback needs to understand not only where they are on the field, but where they are in the game (needing to score points).

The Browns moved into the red zone after a big Duke Johnson catch, only to have a miscommunication with Kasen Williams lead to an interception by the Colts’ Rashaan Melvin.

That throw came on first down. It’s easy to criticize play calling after the game, but it’s clear that the wide receivers are struggling so continuing to make your rookie quarterback try to fire fastballs to them in the red zone maybe isn’t your best bet.

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The second impactful interception came right at the end of the third quarter, and also involved our friend from the previous paragraph, Rashaan Melvin.

This drive came after the Browns defense forced a fumble by Jack Doyle, breathing life back into the team that was in desperate need of a spark. Three pass plays later and Kizer is intercepted again by Melvin and that took the air out of any hope of a comeback. Despite a close final score, it was right here where I felt the Browns were destined for a loss.

They had been given three drives in the second half to cut into the 14-point deficit and turned it over twice. The Browns led a charge late cutting the lead to three, but they came one possession short of a victory nonetheless.

This is the second loss of three where they came one possession away from a victory, the other coming against Pittsburgh in Week1. If DeShone Kizer can just not turn the ball over and squander scoring opportunities, the Browns may be able to squeak out some wins yet this season.