Cleveland Browns: Takeaways on offense from the Week 4 loss

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Impossible to judge Kizer with this group of skill players

Insert broken record joke here. For at least the last three weeks I have written here about how the current group of pass-catchers doesn’t give Kizer any help at all. I would be hard pressed to even call them pass-catchers at this point because it looks like they couldn’t even pass the baseline requirement of catching the football.

Kenny Britt was once again dreadful, with a false start on the opening drive that extended what was a 3rd-and-3, only to slip on the top of his route and drop the first down catch. He made up for it a few drives later with a nice 26-yard catch, but made everyone in the stadium forget about it when he tried to catch the ball with his chest.

This isn’t to say that Kizer isn’t at fault in all of this. His completion percentage and quarterback rating rank in the bottom of the league and honestly it’s no surprise. We constantly preach to Hue Jackson about wanting to run the ball, but when you watch the Browns on Sunday it isn’t a question of them wanting to run the ball.

They just cannot run the ball efficiently against any opponent, and it was evident on Sunday with only 16 first downs as a team (4 of which came from penalties).

The Browns tallied 12 carries for 35 yards for the whole game. I have seen worse running backs in this league compile those stats in the first quarters of games, let alone an entire football game.

I’m not sure what Hue Jackson sees when he watches the tape of DeShone Kizer dropping back 34 times a game with no players able to make plays, but it is absolutely infuriating to watch on Sundays. Don’t even get me started on how Deshaun Watson looked on Sunday.