Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett is back at practice

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Cleveland Browns fans have something to look forward to Sunday now that Myles Garrett is back at practice and set to make his NFL debut.

The Cleveland Browns are approaching that dangerous time of year where the losses could continue to pile up fast, making the hope of a win seem as faint as it did a year ago.

One argument brought up by fans is that this team has picked up four losses without a healthy roster, which is indeed true. And the biggest injury of all was the ankle injury that has held out Myles Garrett for the first four games.

But there is always light among the darkness, and today that comes in the images of Myles Garrett destroying tackling pads in practice.

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Seeing Garrett run and leap without issue is the most important part of the video, as any lingering pain in his ankle could lead to problems in the future. But based on the lack of any horrible news from Berea today, he appears set to go this Sunday.

Garrett will look to help establish some sort of pass rush for this defense after a rough start to the year in that department.

A lot of fans have been upset with Gregg Williams’ defense up to this point, but perhaps Garrett is the missing piece. Williams is surely hoping that is true.

The videos of Garrett keep the hype train going, but his true impact won’t be known until he lines up on Sunday.

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And based on everything we know about him, greatness is expected. Whether that is enough to pick up a win is yet to be seen.