Cleveland Browns: Previewing Week 5 in the DPD Podcast

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The Cleveland Browns square off against Josh McCown and the New York Jets in a Week 5 game that could present one of the final decent chances at victory.

We are back a day early to talk Cleveland Browns football on the DPD Podcast, moving our Friday show to Thursday because we are just so excited about Josh McCown’s return to Cleveland.

The Browns take on McCown’s New York Jets this Sunday in what was once considered a “winnable” game for this Browns team. They can indeed still win, but it is not a sure thing at all.

We recorded this episode live for the first time, so hopefully nothing sounds too different.

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We break down our predictions for the game along with a look at Sashi Brown’s recent comments about sticking to the rebuilding plan. And right now, it is really the only thing we can do. We are in Sashi’s world, whether you see that as a good or a bad thing.

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