Cleveland Browns: Josh Gordon opens up about his past in new video

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was featured in a video detailing his past drug use and sharing where he is in his recovery.

Mentioning Josh Gordon‘s name in 2017 will bring up a wide range of emotions from Cleveland Browns fans.

There are those who want him back immediately to help this team and don’t care about his past, while others are over him and never want to see him back in a Browns uniform. The latter group also doesn’t believe Gordon will ever be allowed to play in the NFL ever again.

That makes sense considering how many chances Gordon has ruined in the recent past, but he at least appears to be on track to make his latest comeback attempt, as shown in a short film published on Uninterrupted.

Fans are used to hearing Gordon talk about getting clean, only to wake up to news that he has been suspended once again. But at this point, there is no reason to openly declare that he should not be allowed back on the Browns.

The Browns are bad. Very bad. And the receiving corps is easily one of the worst in football, if not the worst. Adding a talent like Josh Gordon would change that instantly.

I know, we have been through this process several times before with negative results. But it appears in this video that Gordon finally understand how bad he messed up, so hopefully he can make a real comeback this time.

All the enablers from his past who he brings up in the video most likely left him now that he has been out of the NFL for so long, hopefully causing him to realize he needs to focus on bettering himself before it’s too late.

One thing that stands out in the video is when he says a coach at Baylor would help him pass drug tests. The fact that school still has a football program baffles me, but I digress.

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No one should hold out too much hope for Gordon’s return, but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing to think about after watching the Browns put a new, equally as bad group of receivers on the field every week in 2017.