Cleveland Browns continue to get worse, fall to 0-6 in 2017

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The Cleveland Browns got blown out by Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans to fall to 0-6 for the second straight season.

The Cleveland Browns are 0-6 but it almost feels like 0-16.

The 33-17 loss to the Houston Texans this afternoon was a miserable game throughout, and one in which the Browns went to yet another starting quarterback.

Kevin Hogan, in for a benched Deshone Kizer, proceeded to throw three interceptions and draw an intentional grounding call in the end zone for a safety all in one game. He was overthrowing receivers throughout the game and looked lost, likely ending his chances of starting next Sunday.

The defense was picked apart by Deshaun Watson and the Texans offense, showing Browns fans yet another example of what could have been if a draft had gone differently.

There just isn’t much to say after this loss, which has been true for all six losses this season. The Browns continue to turn the ball over, blow defensive assignments, throw the ball too much, be ineffective on special teams and the list goes on.

Remember, it is only Week 6.

Benching Kizer made sense if the goal was to finally give him some time to sit back and learn from the sidelines, but Hogan played so poorly it would be hard to imagine Kizer not starting next week. Will one week on the sideline make any difference?

The answer is no because this team just isn’t talented enough to win football games. Some fans will say Hue Jackson isn’t doing enough as the coach, but this falls upon the front office and the construction of the roster.

Aside from Myles Garrett and Joe Thomas, there aren’t any players who stand out as great. And with another losing record comes more rumors of a Thomas trade, which would only make things worse.

Speaking of Garrett, he did pick up a sack in today’s game, upping his total to three on the year in a limited number of snaps. He could set some records if he keeps it up, but it will be hard for fans to care too much if the team continues to play this way every week.

There is so much randomness involved in sports, meaning it is hard to go winless. But this Browns team seems to be testing that theory.

Trying to circle any of the remaining ten games as wins is impossible after the Browns are 0-6 after facing an arguably easy schedule in those six games. Jacoby Brissett walked all over the Browns while even Josh McCown picked up a victory.

Things are bad, very bad. If you want to be even more frustrated, think of how much money is committed to Brock Osweiler and Kenny Britt this year. That is, healthy scratch Kenny Britt.

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Hue Jackson can come out and be positive in press conferences but a victory in 2017 would be a result of luck more than anything else.