Cleveland Browns: Discussing the Week 6 loss in the DPD Podcast

The Cleveland Browns continue to get worse, making it hard to find any positives to talk about in the latest episode of the DPD Podcast.

It will be shocking if FirstEnergy Stadium is filled anywhere near capacity this Sunday when the Cleveland Browns take on the Tennessee Titans. That is, the 0-6 Browns.

The Browns didn’t lack effort in the Week 6 loss to the Houston Texans, they just proved they are outmatched in terms of talent. The question then becomes whether this is the front office’s fault, or whether this was all part of some confusing, grand plan.

We talk about the latest loss and what it means in the newest episode of the DPD Podcast:

Doing this show after a loss for six straight weeks has nearly sucked all the optimism from us, but we aren’t giving up hope on a win just yet.

The unfortunate topic we must focus on a lot is the potential for Jimmy Haslam to fire some individuals this season, especially if the losses continue to pile up. What was supposed to be a five-year plan may not even make it through two full years.

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We will be back this Friday to preview the Week 7 matchup against the Titans. Hopefully, no major bombshell stories will hit the airwaves before then, as this team can’t handle any distractions after another miserable start to a season.

Fans know things are bad when the main story is a text that may or may not have been sent. It’s just another one of those years here in Browns Town.