Cleveland Browns: 3 defensive takeaways from the Week 6 loss

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Myles Garrett’s presence alone sparking Browns defense

Sure, the Cleveland Browns are 0-6 and find themselves at the bottom of the food chain once again. Last season, Hue Jackson vowed to jump in Lake Erie if the team went 1-15 in 2017. Now, it’s seeming like a real possibility through six weeks. Although, there is one major difference from 2016. His name is Myles Garrett.

As stated earlier, Garrett now leads the Browns in sacks while only playing in two games, both of which he sat for at least half of the defensive snaps. It’s a rather absurd statistic, though not entirely unbelievable at the same time. His ability to absolutely destroy any offensive lineman is duly noted and the double-teams have already arrived. That alone holds tremendous value to a defensive front.

We now see players such as Emmanuel Ogbah getting to the quarterback on the opposite end more frequently and the pocket presumably collapses much quicker when Garrett is on the field. His presence forces the offense to account for him, leaving a vulnerability along the offense and the Browns need to quickly attack it.

Once he becomes 100 percent healthy, the Browns defense will become more aggressive and build the required chemistry to become complete. However, two games is simply not enough and Garrett’s teammates are learning how to play with him on the field.

The Texas A&M alum had a nice second game and did what he could to contribute. It seems like he is healthier and is able to get that boost off the line, something coaches were worried about in previous weeks.

Witnessing his ability to split double-teams is jaw-dropping. Combine that with his speed, size and pure athleticism and it seems right out of a created character in Madden. It does not add up and is reminding of another certain Cleveland sports star who goes by the name of LeBron James. Both are true freaks of nature and it’s a good sign for Browns fans.

The bottom line is, Myles Garrett is making everybody’s life incredibly easier on the defense and that should only grow with each game played.