Cleveland Browns: DPD pick ’em pool Week 6 recap and standings update

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The Cleveland Browns remain winless, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t excitement on a weekly basis when it comes to picking other NFL games.

Here we are on the eve of Week 7. The Cleveland Browns remain winless but there is still good football to be found elsewhere, beginning with the Kansas City Chiefs squaring off against the Oakland Raiders.

I’m picking the Raiders to upset the Chiefs in my selections for Week 7, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

We need to circle back to Week 6 and the madness that was. Here’s a look at the standings:

  1. Steven Kubitza 54 points (5 in Week 6)
  2. Thomas Moore 54 points (6 in Week 6)
  3. Roger Cohen 53 points (7 in Week 6)
  4. Andrew Seibt 52 points (5 in Week 6)
  5. Joel Cade 51 points (6 in Week 6)
  6. Derek Bryner 49 points (8* in Week 6)
  7. Brandon Onda 48 points (5 in Week 6)
  8. Joshua Dentler 42 points (4 in Week 6)
  9. Jonathan Goehring 41 points (7 in Week 6)
  10. Matt Stevenson 40 points (7 in Week 6)

First things first, congratulations to Derek on taking last week’s high score with eight. Last week was a weird week. Early on, I figured the games that were slated were very one-sided and based on the results, so did a lot of people in this pool.

There were five games in which everyone selected the same team, and six games where three or fewer people were on the same side. Everyone correctly predicted New England over the Jets, Houston over the Browns (I would hope so), and Tennessee over the Colts (bodes well for this week, huh?).

Everyone nearly selected Washington to win over San Francisco. Josh shot his shot and was almost made to be a genius as C.J. Beathard made it a competitive game, but they couldn’t pull it off.

Let’s get into where most of us went wrong this week.

The 0-5 Giants went into Mile High and ran the football (wow, it does work) to victory. They had some defensive help and that’s what eventually won the game for the Giants. Maybe the Browns should take a few notes. Not a single one of us chose the Giants to win this one.

The Falcons. Where to begin with the Falcons. Are we calling this a Super Bowl Hangover? They still have Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman and Matt Ryan right? The Dolphins beat the Falcons on Sunday in a game that was my lock of the week, and apparently everyone else’s as well. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back against the Patriots this week.

Remember when the Ravens were lights out at home against rookie quarterbacks? We all did, except Matt Stevenson who believed in Mitchell Trubisky. The Mentor native got his first NFL victory on Sunday and made everyone but Matt look silly.

Mr. Onda was the only one to pick the Eagles on Thursday night which seemed to be the game of Carson Wentz‘s career in terms of solidifying his place among the NFL’s best QBs. That hurts to type.

Derek was the only person who believed in the old-man Cardinals, as AP galloped his way to a win for the Cardinals, and Roger put his faith in Philip Rivers and Chahhhhgers as they won on a last second field goal.

The big shocker of the week was the Steelers going into Arrowhead and handing the Chiefs their first loss of the season. The Chiefs had six(!) yards at halftime and the Steelers were force feeding Le’Veon Bell. The game swung Pittsburgh’s direction after a crazy catch by Antonio Brown who then took it to the house. The Browns need to get one of those.

Derek, Roger and Tom were the bold ones last week and it certainly paid off.

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With all that being said, the fact that only 14 points separates first from last is quite impressive. People have missed weeks completely and have made up for it nicely and that’s what makes this fun. Good luck to everyone this week and go Browns.