Cleveland Browns: 3 takeaways on offense from the Week 7 loss

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Cleveland Browns
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Breaking down the main takeaways on offense from yet another loss as the Cleveland Browns have opened the season with a second straight 0-7 start.

The Cleveland Browns took the Tennessee Titans to overtime in what was a game that gave the Browns their best shot at a victory to date. Fortunately for the Titans, the Browns’ familiar issues continued to plague them in big-time situations.

Whether it’s a big play called back for some sort of penalty or DeShone Kizer continuing his trend of throwing passes to the other team in the red zone, the Browns cannot seem to get out of their own way.

DeShone Kizer followed up his week off in Houston with the second half off at home in a game where coaching decisions and quarterback play squandered the Browns’ chances of winning this football game.

The defense was great, to be quite frank. They continuously stifled DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry while only allowing Marcus Mariota to go 21/34 for 203 yards. These are the types of games that the Browns need to win. These are the types of games that the Browns should win.

Instead, we’re here during the week trying to figure out where the Browns might find a victory this season for the eighth week in a row.

The Browns committed 12 penalties on Sunday which seems to be a theme in every game so far this year. Any time there’s a big play it is usually brought back because of a hold or illegal block in the back that absolutely kills the momentum of the drive. Don’t even get me started on the five offside penalties by the defense.

And if it wasn’t bad enough, Joe Thomas is out for the year with a torn triceps, leaving a gaping hole at left tackle that Browns fans haven’t had to experience since the final snap of the 2006 season.

Here’s a look at what happened this past week and what we may see moving forward the rest of the season.