Cleveland Browns: 3 takeaways on offense from the Week 7 loss

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Cleveland Browns
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Maybe they’ll run the ball?

The funny thing about all of these red zone turnovers, (not really funny), is that a major portion if not all of the turnovers in the red zone have been interceptions. Hue Jackson was even quoted as saying something along the lines of “I won’t throw it down there if I don’t have to.”

Well Hue, you don’t have to throw the ball and it would have served you well to listen to your own advice this week.

Coaches around the league are adapting to similar problems Hue Jackson is experiencing yet he is too stubborn to adapt to the players he has.

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A few weeks ago the Giants went into Denver and beat the Broncos by running the ball. Ben McAdoo even relinquished play-calling responsibilities in an effort to change things up. And it resulted in a victory.

Last week for the Bears against the Ravens in Mitchell Trubisky’s debut, the rookie threw 16 times for 113 yards. The Bears ran the ball 50 times for 199 yards as they beat the Ravens 27-24.

They ran the ball 50 times. I feel the need to repeat that. The Browns don’t even keep their playmakers on the field for a bulk of the plays anyway.

The Browns have a solid defense. The Browns defense actually stops the run and as we saw Sunday, if the offense isn’t turning the ball over it can be a competitive game just from the defense not allowing touchdowns.

I just don’t understand why Hue Jackson can’t seem to adjust his play-calling to the players he has versus continuing to put his players in a position that doesn’t give them the best chance to win. Duke Johnson and David Njoku are the only guys to show playmaking ability this year and they’re both on the field for less than 50 percent of the snaps.

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I can understand the argument for not having enough talent to win, but there is a fair argument to be made about the fact that the Hue Jackson is overwhelmed as offensive coordinator and it could spell his downfall if it isn’t fixed soon.