Cleveland Browns: DPD pick ’em pool Week 7 recap and standings update

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The Cleveland Browns fell in a winnable game in Week 7, but our writers and some readers fared a bit better when it came to picking games.

Another week, another Cleveland Browns loss and another set of picks.

This week we saw the numbers jump up from the low totals we saw after a myriad of upsets. The highest score of the week was set at 12, up four from last weeks total of eight.

Here’s the updated standings:

  1. Thomas Moore 64 points (10 in Week 7)
  2. Steven Kubitza 63 points (9 in Week 7)
  3. Andrew Seibt 62 points (10 in Week 7)
  4. Joel Cade  61 points (10 in Week 7)
  5. Roger Cohen 61 points (8 in Week 7)
  6. Brandon Onda 60 points (12* in Week 7)
  7. Derek Bryner 59 points (10 in Week 7)
  8. Joshua Dentler 53 points (11 in Week 7)
  9. Matt Stevenson 50 points (10 in Week 7)
  10. Jonathan Goehring 41 points (0 in Week 7)

Well, well, well, Mr. Onda. Brandon secured himself his third best score in the last five weeks, and one of those weeks he forgot to make selections. This guy just knows football, man (*Jon Gruden voice*).

The biggest shift in the standings this week comes at the top. Last week, Steven was on top followed by Tom and Roger. Roger took a little tumble in the standings this week only picking eight correct games and was passed by yours truly. Roger is now tied with Joel in what is a tight race from top to bottom.

This week was a little all over the board in terms of selections. We had a few unanimous choices and a lot of majority, but there always seemed to be a few going against the grain to gain an advantage in the standings. A few that stick out to me include:

  • Roger and Brandon being the only two members to choose the Chargers over the Broncos.
  • Mr. Dentler being the sole believer in those Chicago Bears as they upset Carolina.
  • Tom, Roger, and myself for choosing Oakland over the Chiefs on Thursday night. Those penalties at the goal line certainly helped.

There were also some games in which the groupthink paid off. Matt and Roger took a gamble on Jameis and his sprained shoulder against Buffalo, and Buffalo edged them out with a field goal in the closing minute.

A few of us picked Indy over the Jaguars and that game was quite lopsided. How good is that Jaguars defense? Good thing they’re coming to town in a few weeks.. Oh boy. Tom and Roger were Hundley believers over the Saints and had the Packers made a few more plays on offense, this game could have swung the other way.

In other news, we all picked against the Browns again and I don’t see that changing until maybe the Packers week. No one was picking the 49ers to win over Dallas and that was my lock last week in the podcast.

Pittsburgh was also a unanimous favorite against the Bengals and Sunday afternoon they showed you why. The Seahawks would be the last unanimous team, but Roger was the lone believer in those New York Football Giants.

I choose not to reference the Monday Night Football game in which Carson Wentz looked like the best QB currently playing in the NFL.

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Don’t forget to get your picks in and we’ll see you next week.