Cleveland Browns: Breaking down the Week 8 loss in the DPD Podcast

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(Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images) /

The first half of the season was a disaster for the Cleveland Browns. We break it down in the latest episode of the DPD Podcast.

One positive from the Cleveland Browns’ latest loss is that fans had a full day for fun Sunday activities after the loss. Looking for anything positive at this point.

The Browns are now 0-8 and have a full week off to try to formulate any plan to pick up a win, or perhaps even two, in 2017.

We break down what lies ahead in the latest episode of the Dawg Pound Daily Podcast.

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The same storylines continue to be discussed after each painful loss, but the impending bye week allows us to look at the big picture of what will happen between now and the end of the season.

It is unlikely that Jimmy Haslam goes rogue and fires anyone this week, but we do predict there may be a new kicker suiting up for the Browns in Week 10.

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We will be taking the week off unless Haslam does indeed go insane and fire Hue Jackson or Sashi Brown. A Josh Gordon reinstatement would also be enough to qualify for an emergency episode.

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I’d recommend taking a mental week off from the Browns. There are still eight games to play, which seems insane, so there will be plenty of storylines to follow once the team is back in action against the Detroit Lions in two weeks.