Cleveland Browns: 3 takeaways on offense from the loss in Detroit

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Cleveland Browns
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The Cleveland Browns played a decent game on offense in Week 10, but the same mistakes popped up once again as the team is now 0-9 in 2017.

The Cleveland Browns came off their Week 9 bye week with a little bit of optimism.

Optimism for an 0-8 football team is tough to come by, but Browns fans, myself included, were very curious to see how the Browns would look in the second half of the season.  With nearly two weeks off and an equally long stretch of bad PR, Browns fans wondered how their team would respond.

Will DeShone Kizer‘s confidence be affected by the failed AJ McCarron deal?

Will the coaches realize they need to run the ball more to help their young quarterback?

Will this team continue to fight after an 0-8 start and a flurry of negativity from all levels of media?

The good news is that the answer to all three questions is yes. DeShone Kizer did  look more comfortable in this game than in any another previous game. The Browns did show they can run the ball and rushed for a season high 201 yards. The Browns came out guns hot and smacked Detroit right in the mouth when they jumped out to a 10-0 lead.

The bad news is that the Browns continued to be the Browns on one too many plays and lost to the Lions, 38-24. The failure to capitalize in the red zone was on clear display once again, with a mismanagement of the clock so bad that the head coach and quarterback both won’t talk about it 48 hours removed.

One thing is for certain, the Browns are still winless. But this week gave us at least a few signs of improvement that this team may squeak a win or two out here in the final seven games. Here are my takeaways from the offense in Week 10.