Cleveland Browns: Takeaways from the offense’s performance in Week 13

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Kizer is wildly inconsistent

This isn’t news. We all saw the same flaws coming out of Notre Dame, and especially at the Combine when he was inaccurate throwing to zero defenders during drills. But Kizer was maddeningly bad on Sunday, costing the Browns more points than he was able to put them in position to score.

Kizer missed Josh Gordon on two deep passes in which Gordon would have most certainly waltzed into the end zone as he had the DBs beat by a few steps. But then, right when you’ve got no confidence in his ability to move the ball he fires a perfect ball up the seam to David Njoku that looked better than anything we’ve seen in recent years. I just need to see more of it.

The main issue I see with Kizer, is that just when you think he’s maybe turned the corner (a la Cincinnati and Minnesota) he then follows it up with complete stinkers (Jacksonville and Los Angeles).

Maybe he’s beaten down by the 0-12 start. Who wouldn’t be? But that doesn’t excuse the fact that Kizer is often the reason this offense is being held back whether it’s turning the ball over in the red zone, or missing open receivers downfield.

I’ve seen just about enough from Kizer and it’s clear the Browns will need to completely overhaul the quarterback room next year, but that’s not to say Kizer’s time as a Brown is done.

Whether it’s throwing the farm at a guy like Kirk Cousins, or drafting a quarterback at number one overall, Kizer will have some new (and hopefully veteran) faces in the quarterback room which should help his development.