Cleveland Browns: Talking Sashi Brown’s firing in the DPD Podcast

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The Cleveland Browns decided to change course by firing Sashi Brown, which was the main topic covered in the latest episode of the DPD Podcast.

The Cleveland Browns still need a win in 2017, but apparently that isn’t a requirement for Hue Jackson to keep his job.

Thursday saw Sashi Brown lose his job and be replaced by John Dorsey, while Hue Jackson was given a vote of confidence by Jimmy Haslam to return as the head coach in 2018. What a day it was.

That was the topic of the latest episode of the DPD Podcast.

Dorsey was hired as soon as we finished editing the episode, so this is more about the fallout from Brown’s firing and the fact Hue is staying for another season, regardless of whether or not he goes 0-16 in 2017.

Those still loyal to Sashi and his process believe Dorsey will get all the credit for the foundation that has been built, while those who hated Sashi hope the door doesn’t hit him on the way out.

Then there are those who cannot stand Hue Jackson, making the vote of confidence from Haslam stand out from the busy Thursday.

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We will be back on Monday to talk about Dorsey’s hiring and maybe we can even discuss Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers. Maybe the change in the front office will even result in a Browns win.