Daily Dawg Tags: Hue Jackson’s questionable job security

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Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson was given a vote of confidence by Jimmy Haslam, but it is hard to defend his current record.

It is hard to know what to believe anymore when it comes to the Cleveland Browns.

The team was supposed to be committed to a plan for several years, only for Sashi Brown to be fired before the end of the second season.

DeShone Kizer was supposed to be starting all season, only to be benched at several points throughout the year.

Now we are being told that Hue Jackson will be returning in 2018, but taking Jimmy Haslam’s word is not easy to do. And on this particular matter, some are hoping Haslam continues his tradition of going back on his word.

If the Browns do indeed go 0-16, Jackson will have a record of 1-31 in his two years here, presiding over the worst stretch of football in NFL history. Even if the team does pick up a win, which is hard to believe, this is still the worst team Browns fans have ever seen.

And the frustrating thing is that there is talent on this team. It is not a great team, but the group should have a few wins this season. The difference comes down to coaching.

We take a look at that and more in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

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