Daily Dawg Tags: So much to fix in 2018

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The Cleveland Browns may be fully starting over once again in 2018, hopefully bringing about some real change for the first time in decades.

In case it has been lost in the current coverage, the Cleveland Browns do indeed have three games remaining this season.

The 0-13 Browns welcome the Baltimore Ravens to FirstEnergy Stadium this Sunday in what is mercifully the final home game of the season for the Browns. To all those trekking down this Sunday, you are braver than I am.

The Browns have a great chance to go 0-16 this season, hence why John Dorsey was brought in before Sashi Brown could get through year two of his rebuilding plan. Now Dorsey is here and is saying all the right things, but he is simply the latest in a line of general managers that has not been able to get the job done since 1999.

Dorsey could be the change this organization needs, and it starts with the quarterback position. Dorsey has openly stated that quarterback is a top priority for this team, but there is so much else that needs improving too.

A main area in need of improvement is the receiving corps, which has been abysmal outside the two nice games had by Josh Gordon since he returned. He will be a force whenever he is on the field, but trusting Gordon for an entire season is hard for any Browns fan to do at this point.

Dorsey knows what he signed up for, and fans are hoping he is the savior of the organization. But there is so much to be done, it remains to be seen if his plan will be given enough time to develop.

We take a look at this and more in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

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