Cleveland Browns: 3 takeaways as the Browns fall to 0-14 in 2017

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The Cleveland Browns played a terrible game in the 2017 home finale and are now sporting an 0-14 record for the second straight season.

The Cleveland Browns have not won a game since December 24, 2016. That is, unless you count those exciting preseason victories.

The Browns fell to 0-14 with a pitiful loss against the Baltimore Ravens in what was the final home game of the season. For the ones who made the trip to FirstEnergy Stadium, you are brave souls.

There isn’t much to say at this point and the final two games of the season seem irrelevant if Hue Jackson’s job is indeed safe. He said he was going to jump in Lake Erie if the team went 1-15 again, so maybe he wants to go 0-16 and get all technical about his promise.

The 14th loss of the season provided a bit of excitement, but it was short-lived.

Here are three things that stand out from the 14th loss of the 2017 season.

1. Allergic to the run

Isaiah Crowell had a 59-yard run that got the Browns off their own goal line and breathed fresh life into the stadium. Too bad it was on one of only five rushes for Crowell on the day. Five!

The play-calling from Jackson continues to lack logic. His 21-year-old quarterback with no accuracy or awareness threw 37 passes, while the running backs combined for 12 rushes in a game that wasn’t a total blowout the entire time.

Passing when trailing makes sense, but the best play of the day came on a run. Why not stick with it?

Instead, Jackson continued to call passes and things went about as bad as possible.

2. Kizer is still not “the guy”

DeShone Kizer had some great moments in the loss, but he also made some decisions that were ulcer-inducing for fans.

His fumble in the end zone that led to a Ravens touchdown was a great illustration of the Browns’ season, while Kizer’s lob interception in the end zone was an illustration of the rookie’s season.

He lacks any sense of pocket awareness and has no touch on his passes, either throwing the ball ten yards too far or spiking short passes into the ground. It is frustrating to watch, although his head coach isn’t doing much to help his young quarterback. Just run the ball, Hue!

3. 0-16 on the horizon

I don’t see how a Browns fan can have any optimism of a victory in 2017. I love seeing the “Browns will win today” tweets every week, and I was a part of the crowd for a few weeks. But it is just a lie at this point.

The game against the Packers showed how far away the Browns are from being able to close out a game, and that was against Brett Hundley.

Fans may be optimistic that the Browns can pick up another Christmas Eve victory, but the Chicago Bears aren’t going to lay down for the Browns. Then comes the usual season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who may be playing for home-field advantage.

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Things don’t look good, Browns fans. Do you still think the team can win a game?