Cleveland Browns: The lack of Pro Bowlers is not surprising

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns did not have any players selected to the 2018 Pro Bowl, but two players could make it in as alternates.

The 2018 Pro Bowl rosters were announced on Tuesday, and I hope Cleveland Browns fans didn’t sit by the television hoping for good news.

As expected, the team did not have any players chosen for the event. Losing Joe Thomas to an injury sealed that ultimate outcome months ago.

But even though no one was directly chosen, the Browns could still send two players.

Nothing wrong with being an alternate, am I right?

The lack of Pro Bowlers isn’t a surprise considering the team is 0-14, but this has led some fans to claim this to be a dark mark upon Sashi Brown’s tenure in Cleveland. I don’t see it that way.

I am not a Sashi apologist in any sense, but his plan never involved great returns right away. That is frustrating to a lot of fans, but it was the plan Jimmy Haslam signed up for. Also, Joe Thomas and Jamie Collins could have both easily been in the game if healthy.

The Browns could have five Pro Bowlers and still only have a few wins, so the number should not matter. The game is nearly irrelevant at this point and fans should be focusing on wins anyway.

This news simply serves as another reminder of how far away this team is from being taken seriously, but that is no secret. It won’t do anything to change the way Jimmy Haslam does things, but maybe it can spark the players and even John Dorsey, who doesn’t want to see a similar result for next year’s Pro Bowl.

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If you are personally embarrassed by the lack of Pro Bowlers, it means you care. But just remember that the players on the team have been working hard all year, whatever that’s worth.