Cleveland Browns: Don’t plan on Isaiah Crowell returning in 2018

(Photo by Justin Aller /Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Aller /Getty Images) /

Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell hasn’t been utilized properly this season, making it hard to imagine he wants to return to the team in 2018.

The Cleveland Browns have a talented running back in Isaiah Crowell, who likely could reach 1,000 yards easily if given the opportunity. The last part of that sentence is the key.

Crowell got off to a nice start last Sunday, picking up 72 yards on five carries before halftime. He would not receive another carry the rest of the game.

This leaves Crowell with 788 rushing yards with two games remaining, once again set to finish below the 1,000-yard mark because of a lack of opportunities.

The next storyline surrounding Crowell will be what he decides to do in the offseason, even if John Dorsey wants to re-sign him and bring him back to Cleveland. Regardless of the money, it would be hard to imagine Crowell wanting to stay here if Hue Jackson is the coach.

An article on by Pat McManamon detailed how Crowell was upset after Sunday’s game, and for good reason.

From the article:

"“I’m not being selfish,” he said. “I feel like I can help more if I have more opportunities. I’m not being selfish because I know we have other playmakers on the team also, and I want them to get their share too. I just feel like, five carries, I don’t think that’s … I’m upset with it.”"

Five carries is absurd, especially considering how inconsistent DeShone Kizer has been all season at quarterback. Why is he being forced to throw so much when Crowell and Duke Johnson are eager to carry the ball, and having success doing it? It just makes zero sense.

Hue Jackson seems unable to call a game that suits his players, which could be taken as a shot at the way Sashi Brown assembled the team. But Brown is now gone and Jackson is doing the same things over and over, driving Browns fans deeper into the pit of misery.

Crowell may not be a big name in free agency, but he has the benefit of not taking as many hits as most running backs his age. It sounds like a joke that a talented player on the Browns is benefitting by mismanagement, but sadly it is the truth.

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And when it comes to the offseason, Crowell wanting to return would be a major surprise.