Daily Dawg Tags: No Christmas Eve magic from the Browns in 2017

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(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns couldn’t find a win on Christmas Eve this year, setting the team up for the first 0-16 finish in franchise history.

The Cleveland Browns ruined Christmas!

I sure hope Browns fans aren’t taking the 0-15 record too hard today. For one day we can open presents, hangout with family we may or may not like, eat cookies and pretend like all is well.

But then comes Tuesday and we are reminded that the Browns have one more chance to avoid an 0-16 record. Too bad that last chance comes on the road. In Pittsburgh. Oh boy.

The Browns may be awful but next year’s draft always provides hope, and that is what fans are looking to now. 0-16 is awful but at this point it is something we have been expecting for several months.

The only thing to salvage the year would be for Hue Jackson to get fired, upsetting those who remain Hue apologists even after his 1-30 record with this team. 1-30! That’s almost unbelievable to write.

Browns-related angst aside, I hope everyone has a nice Christmas. The Browns stink, but at least the Cavaliers play today, giving Cleveland sports fans a competitive franchise to watch while the Browns get their stuff together.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Dawg Pound Daily to you, and don’t let the Browns ruin your day. And now, a Christmas edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

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