Daily Dawg Tags: Time for Hue Jackson to jump in Lake Erie

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Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson claimed he would jump in Lake Erie if the team went 1-15 again, causing fans to wonder if that will come true.

Hue Jackson is the king of saying questionable things to the media.

From putting his players down to telling everyone to trust him on a certain draft pick, some Cleveland Browns fans are about down with Hue and his failure to address just how bad things are with this team.

His boldest claim of all came at the start of 2017, when he said he would jump in Lake Erie if the team went 1-15 again. Well…

I would pay good money for the media to only ask Hue about this bold claim for the rest of the week, just to see how he handles it. I assume it wouldn’t go over too well.

Jackson jumping in the lake would be a perfect finish to what looks like an 0-16 season, but that record alone may be enough for Jimmy Haslam to finally wake up and realize Hue is not making this team better.

He will obviously not jump in a freezing lake, but the fact he said that in the first place shows just how bad things are. The thought of going 1-15 once is so incomprehensible that the thought of doing it again may have seemed impossible.

Yet here we are, approaching a historical mark that no one wants to think about.

Will Hue jump in the lake? Will he remain the coach long enough to be questioned about his bold claim?

We take a look at this and more in today’s edition of the Daily Dawg Tags.

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