Cleveland Browns: Examining all their quarterback options

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Free Agency

The Browns could simply sit back and see what happens with a couple players in regards to the free agency market. A.J. McCarron is one name to watch, knowing that he almost was a member of the team and is reportedly a favorite of head coach Hue Jackson.

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After agreeing to terms on a deal for McCarron at the trade deadline, the Cincinnati Bengals reserve stayed put thanks to a paperwork mishap. He’s now fighting to become a free agent, and if he is able to do so, the Browns may again be interested. Then again, that was the old regime, so this new front office may not bat an eyelash should McCarron become available.

Dorsey and assistant general manager Eliot Wolf don’t have to settle on McCarron though. There’s also Teddy Bridgewater and Case Keenum, both part of the Minnesota Vikings in 2017. Bridgewater was of course a first-round pick, but doubts about him returning to the field surfaced after a gruesome leg injury back in 2015.

He was replaced by Sam Bradford and then Keenum. While Bradford is also a free agent, his injury history is too much to even consider. Bridgewater may not have the extended injury history of Bradford, but hasn’t played since 2016, which makes him too big of a gamble.

Keenum on the other hand is the best of their bunch, and should he hit the open market, could be worth a look. He’s durable, smart and coming off his best season ever with 3,547 yards and 22 touchdowns against just seven picks.

Still, the best option out of any free agents has to be Kirk Cousins. After his team let all their good receivers leave, Cousins became the first player in Washington Redskins history to throw for more than 4,000-yards in three-straight seasons.

Despite his work, the Redskins were reluctant to give him a long-term deal and instead struck a deal for Alex Smith recently. With Cousins sure to hit the open market, Cleveland has to get him on a plane and in the building for a visit as soon as legally possible and make sure he never leaves. They may overpay for him, but think of what a legitimate NFL quarterback can do with a team that’s about to pull in 12 players on the 2018 NFL Draft for him to work with.