Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel wants to comeback, 5 teams that could take him

CINCINNATI, OH - NOVEMBER 5: Johnny Manziel (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)
CINCINNATI, OH - NOVEMBER 5: Johnny Manziel (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images) /
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Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel wants to make an NFL comeback, but what team would actually give him a shot after he flamed out?

Earlier this week on ‘Good Morning America’ former Cleveland Browns bust Johnny Manziel discussed wanting to make a comeback into the NFL. While it’s easy to scoff at that, the fact is Manziel seemed to come across as contrite and understood all the issues that caused him to flame out with the Browns were all on him.

Johnny Football also opened up about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and says he has an understanding of how to control his emotions now. Part of that control includes him no longer drinking alcohol — a regular occurrence during his two seasons in Cleveland.

Manziel is still young enough — 25-years old — to turn it all around, and displayed enough talent while at Texas A&M to earn the right of being selected 22nd overall in the 2014 NFL Draft.

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However, the money-sign flashing party boy proved he was never serious about being a professional. He showed flashes of his athletic brilliance with the Browns, but went 2-6 as a starter and completed just 57 percent of his passes with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Worse than the stats was the reputation he built for himself which included allegations of practicing drunk and domestic abuse. Cleveland was right to wash their hands of him, but he feels he deserves another chance in the NFL and is hoping to get  a call before deciding on a pending offer from a Canadian Football franchise.

In the end, going the CFL route is probably his best bet as it will give him a chance to show he’s changed and can still play. Still, he hopes a team catches his Hail Mary comeback pass, and if so here are the five most likely destinations for the former first-round pick.